About Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts & Humanities

  • Welcome to Sorensen Magnet School.  
    Sorensen is a place where our students learn core knowledge through the fabric of the arts and humanities.  If you haven't heard about us yet, you likely will in the future.  Sorensen is located in the heart of downtown Coeur d'Alene. Our newly remodeled school building is a reminder of the hard work demonstrated by members of this great community who joined forces in a campaign to save Sorensen, turn it into a school of choice, make it one of two "Arts and Humanities" schools in the state of Idaho, and as a result, this little school with "big ideas" has impacted countless numbers of students and will continue to do so for generations to come.  
    The Sorensen staff is the core of what makes our school a success. Dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable, kid-friendly, and talented are several definitions I would use to describe our teachers. Our amazing staff loves working with students and takes pride in what our school has to offer. Students have the opportunity to participate in a host of arts and humanities activities, not to mention their daily emersion into math, science, social studies, and reading/language arts. Sorensen also offers Advanced Learning Placement for students who look for more academic challenge. Teachers at Sorensen work together in an effort to help every child discover themselves, develop a discipline for learning and appreciation for the Arts and Humanities.
    Our parents are an integral part of the Sorensen community. Volunteerism is always encouraged and celebrated. The parent PTO is vital in assisting within the school and fundraising outside of the school. They are a dynamic group focused on helping provide the school with the essentials and have a lot of fun doing it!