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Carrie Shinkle - Principal

Welcome to Atlas Elementary School.  It is a privilege to serve you and your children. 

The faculty of Atlas is dedicated to providing a school environment that is educationally sound and socially responsible for all students. Using best practices in instruction, highly trained teachers guide students through state of the art curriculum with lessons that are rigorous and relevant. Students take responsibility for their learning while practicing good character and citizenship.  We believe that for education to be effective, it must promote positive attitudes and be founded on secure mastery of basic skills and challenges for all learners.

Our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports system empowers and enables students to make good choices and be recognized for those choices.  Our staff works well as a team to provide students with an enriched quality education.  Our focus is on the students and families.  We strive to help each individual student set and accomplish his/her academic and social goals. 

Show your children you care about education. Speak about school and learning with respect and enthusiasm. Make reading a family matter. Read to your young children, and read along with your older ones. Take an interest in your child’s thinking. Ask for their input during family discussions. Support teachers by encouraging your children to respect and work with their teachers. Monitor your children’s schoolwork. When they are succeeding, share your pride. If they aren’t, help them discover why they are not.

Education takes place over a lifetime. Parent involvement and support can do so much to ensure student engagement and success along the way.


Carrie Shinkle, Principal