Hayden Meadows Elementary

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We invest in each student to prepare, challenge and advance well-educated, resilient and future-ready citizens.

  • Last Name First Name Position Location Email Phone
    Atkins Joan School Counselor Hayden Meadows jatkins@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Balek Jeanne Special Education Teacher Hayden Meadows jbalek@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Beck Holly Classroom Assistant Hayden Meadows hbeck@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Bloom Janel Classroom Assistant Hayden Meadows jbloom@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Brown Roxanne Special Ed Paraprofessional Hayden Meadows rdbrown@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Cahoon Christine 4Th Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows ccahoon@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Childers Kristin 4Th Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows kchilders@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Clark Megan 1St Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows mclark@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Clevenger Jamie Custodian Hayden Meadows jclevenger@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Erickson Randy Custodian Hayden Meadows rerickson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Evans Julie 1St Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows jevans@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Ewert Roberta 5Th Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows rewert@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Fencl Todd Crossing Guard Hayden Meadows tfencl@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Greene Courtney 4Th Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows cgreene@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Griffitts Marilyn Music Teacher Hayden Meadows mgriffitts@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Hanna Helen Office Manager/Asst Treasurer Hayden Meadows hhanna@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Hardy Toni Classroom/Playground Asst Hayden Meadows thardy@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Hart Nancy Classroom Assistant Hayden Meadows nhart@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Harvey Vernon 3Rd Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows vharvey@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Hollandsworth Duana Nutrition Services Hayden Meadows dhollandsworth@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Hoskins Mary Kindergarten Teacher Hayden Meadows mhoskins@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Jacobson Tammie Building Secretary Hayden Meadows tjacobson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Janson Stacy Classroom Assistant Hayden Meadows sjanson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Johnson Karen Physical Education Teacher Hayden Meadows kmjohnson@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006
    Kapugi Malieva 2Nd Grade Teacher Hayden Meadows mkapugi@cdaschools.org 208.772.5006