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    Third grade is an exciting year where your child transitions from the primary grades to intermediate grades. The third grade teachers believe in preparing the students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens. This involves providing the information, skills, and encouragement our children need to succeed. Each classroom provides a safe and caring environment where students can feel comfortable taking risks and becoming problem solvers. Students learn the importance of working cooperatively as well as becoming more independent and responsible. Emphasis is placed on the development of positive values, choices, and attitudes. We fill our days with reading, writing, math, social studies, science, cursive, and much more.

    Reading in third grade emphasizes reading for meaning, with fluency as well as accuracy. We take the IRI (Idaho Reading Indicator) in the fall, winter, and spring to help assess student progress in reading. We challenge our students to acquire the necessary skills to do well on the ISAT (Idaho Standard Achievement Test), and to become proficient readers, while striving to instill in our students a life-long love of reading.

    We stretch our students in writing from simple sentences to complex paragraphs. Children extend their thinking skills as they learn how to write a good introduction and conclusion as well as provide a topic sentence and supporting details. This format really organizes and focuses their writing and helps prepare them for the intermediate grades as well as higher education.

    Third grade math focuses strongly on the multiplication facts; however, we cover a wide range of other topics as well including graphs, fractions, problem solving, and place value. We also look at time, money and even algebra!

    Science and social studies units include nutrition, communities, economics, matter, recycling, Earth and its seasons, and a geography unit that includes mapping, and identifying the continents and oceans. In addition, we are lucky enough to participate in the Hayden Meadows Greenhouse and plant and grow flowers each spring. Third graders also become familiar with technology and using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint programs.

    We look forward to a positive and successful year. We all believe that third grade is truly a great year!