• Welcome to Second Grade!

    Peebles                   Mrs. Walsh       

    Mr. Peebles                                         Mrs. Walsh                            


    Mrs. Storlie         Mrs. Vig

    Mrs. Storlie                                       Mrs. Vig

    In second grade at Hayden Meadows, we work to provide our students with a child centered, inquiry based program while still ensuring our students have a firm grasp of our key concepts. We strive to balance academics and character education throughout our instructio

     In reading, our goals are to

    • read fluently
    • decode quickly and accurately
    • build a strong vocabulary
    • develop higher level comprehension strategies

    Our objectives in math will align with the new Idaho Cores Standards and include

    • addition and subtraction fluency
    • place value
    • problem solving
    • measurement
    • geometry

    In social studies, we will

    • learn about our role as citizens in our community
    • describe how people depend on their environment to meet their basic needs
    • research the important roles of historical and current figures in our nation

    During our science units students will also

    • explore weather patterns and dangerous storms
    • investigate the life cycles, adaptations, and interdependence of plants and animals
    • experiment with every day simple machines

    We are excited for the opportunity to work with our incoming group of second graders and their families!