• Bryan’s Advanced Learning Program (ALP) has an impact on all students in grades 3-5.  

    • Advanced switch groups in math and language arts provide enrichment for students who are consistently meeting or exceeding the academic standards for their grade level.  This allows classroom teachers to work with smaller groups that are focused on learning the skills and knowledge needed to meet grade level standards. 

    • Mr. Windisch regularly visits classrooms to work with all students as a co-teacher for problem solving lessons.

    • Mr. Windisch also coordinates two major enrichment opportunities for all students: Invention Convention for grades 1-5 and Spelling Bee for grades 3-5

    • Bryan’s Birthday Book program is one of Mr. Windisch’s pet projects. It provides a brand-new book to each Bryan student on their birthday (half birthday for summer birthdays). Books are purchased with donated funds. Our current donor supporters are the EXCEL Foundation and the Bryan Elementary PTA.

    The goal of our advanced learning program is to meet the needs of all learners with appropriate educational experiences and to promote academic growth.

    Problem Solving: creating polyhedra with a length of rope

    Math switch group: exploring decimal place value using play money

    ELA switch group: playing Mystery State to practice communication and deductive reasoning skills

    Birthday book cart: students making their selections


    Jim Windisch



    Invention Convention Resources

    Invent Idaho Website

    Guided Inventor’s Logbook

    Registration & Information Form

    Spelling Bee Resources

    National Spelling Bee parents’ page

    Word Club app

    Information Form

    Resources used in ALP switch groups

    Idaho Kids Vote Book Award

    Information about the Mystery State Game

    Favorite Online Math Demos

    Information about 3 Act Math Tasks

    Suggestions for at-home enrichment

    The Sora app gives CDAschools students access to a large library of e-Books and audiobooks. Linking your public library car gives access to more collections throughout the state. Log in using your school username and password. Use it in your browser or download it for iOS or Android.

    The learning games in i-Ready are a great way to build math skills in a fun way. Access them through CLEVER.

    Khan Academy has excellent “Get ready math courses” that are perfect for review and summer learning. Their computing courses are a good introduction to real programming languages.

    The Hour of Code from Code.org has a number of exciting activities to explore computer programming and computational thinking.

    Scratch is a programming sandbox developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where kids can create games and animations using drag and drop programming blocks.