• Dear Families,


    Second grade students experience a lot of growth, especially in the area of reading. They move from skill-based instruction to becoming independent readers. We encourage reading in all school subjects and work to instill a love of reading in each child.  Teachers and parents work together to make this a successful learning year for all the second graders at Bryan Elementary. We appreciate all the reinforcement of school work that families do at home. We look forward to an exciting year of learning adventures together!!


    Your Second Grade Teachers,

    Jeni Franks

    Lydia Johnson




    Language Arts:

    Reading: Our reading instruction focuses on extending decoding, fluency and comprehension skills. We meet students’ individual needs by grouping students by their skill levels. We encourage you to read daily with your second grader. Reading aloud, reading together, and reading alone are all valuable aspects that will help your second grader succeed.

    Writing and Grammar: Second graders will develop and organize sentences into a paragraph that incorporate a central idea with a beginning, detailed middle and end. Correct sentence spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar usage are the primary focus. At home you can make lists, write letters, practice spelling words, and keep a journal to help your child grow in their literary skills.


    Time and Money: Students learn to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes with a face clock. Counting coins to a $1.00 is another major focus in second grade. Helping your second grader at home is very beneficial.

    Computation: Students master their basic addition and subtraction facts to 20. Regrouping (borrowing and carrying) is a primary skill introduced and practiced in second grade.


    Exploring matter, weather, plants and animals are the objectives for second grade science. We want our second graders to become observers of the world around us and learn how there decisions affect our planet.

    Social Studies:

    We study neighborhood community, voting, geography, Native Americans, Pilgrims, and holidays around the world in the fall. All year there is a focus on current events, especially those that affect our community.


  • Great Ways to Practice Math!

    • Count change
    • Make flashcards
    • Say your "Fast 10" facts while stopped at red lights in the car
    • Get an analog clock or watch (one with hands)
    • Subtract food eaten at meals
    • Help your family grocery shop