Welcome to Ms. O'Brien's Class

  • Tracy O'Brien is the Advanced Learning Teacher.  
    Tracy O'Brien (formerly known as Tracy Obermayer) has been teaching elementary school since she joined the Boundary County School District in 1990. In 1997 she joined the Fernan Elementary staff in Coeur d'Alene, then moved to Skyway when it opened in 2000. When not in the classroom, she loves being outdoors. Her hobbies include beekeeping, kayaking, camping, basket making, geo-caching, playing with technology. She has two grown children, Dylan and Kaitey, a granddaughter Tillie, two dogs, chickens, and many bee hives.You might even run into her at the local farmer's market, where she sells her honey, beeswax hand butter, and baskets through her business, Willow Wood Honey Farm.

    male teacher and female teacher standing together

    Teacher inspire! Here is Mr. Driscoll, who was Ms. O'Brien's 6th grade teacher in Moscow and one of her inspirations to be a teacher. He visited her in her classroom at Skyway. From his influence, she became a teacher and has taught over 2,000 children and many of them have become teachers themselves. 
    Geocaching Projects:
    Ms. O'Brien placed a geocaching travel bug in Maui in February 2018. The class has been following its journey back to Coeur d'Alene, mapping its route, studying the mileage and learning the geography as it travels. To visit the travel bug's page visit Idaho Kayaker Travel Bug.
    In May, 2019 we started the following travel bugs:
    If you don't have a geocaching account, I made one for the students to use. It is the same username and password as our BrainPop account.

Contact Information

  • E-mail: tobrien@cdaschools.org
    Phone: 208-664-8998