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    Second Grade

    Reading: Reading instruction in second grade focuses on continued sight word recognition, decoding, fluency and comprehension skills. We work on meeting students’ individual needs by grouping according to their skill levels. We encourage you to read daily with your child. Reading aloud, reading together, and reading alone are all valuable aspects that will help your child succeed.

    Writing and Grammar: Second graders will develop and organize sentences into a paragraph that incorporate a central idea with a beginning, detailed middle and end. Correct sentence spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar usage are the primary focus. At home you can make lists, write letters, practice spelling words, and keep a journal to help your child grow in their literary skills.


    Time and Money: Students learn to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes with a face clock. Counting coins to a $1.00 is another major focus in second grade. Helping your second grader at home is very beneficial.

    Computation: Students master their basic addition and subtraction facts to 18. Regrouping (borrowing and carrying) is a primary skill introduced and practiced in second grade.

    Concepts and Applications: Students will be working through story problems and learning different ways to problem solve and read and interpret data.

    Geometry: Students will extend their knowledge of basic shapes, solid figures, fractions, symmetry, and congruence.


    Exploring matter, weather, plants and animals are the objectives for second grade science. We want our second graders to become observers of the world around us and learn how their decisions affect our planet.

    Social Studies:

    We study neighborhood community, voting, geography, Native Americans, Pilgrims, and holidays around the world in the fall. All year there is a focus on current events, especially those that affect our community.