First Grade

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    First Grade

    First Graders at Skyway are primarily engaged in reading, writing, and language activities throughout the morning.  During our instruction we emphasis phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, handwriting, spelling, and mastery of basic writing skills.

    Reading with your child is the most important gift you can give your first grader. Please make sure you sign your child’s reading log each and every night they read with you.

    When your child is reading talk about the characters, plot (events), setting, problem (conflict), how the problem was resolved. You can also ask your child about the beginning, middle and end. They can compare and contrast stories we have read, characters, and events that happen in our stories. They should know the difference between fantasy and realism and why they think the story or character is real or fictional. Prediction is always a good sign of your child’s comprehension. They should be able to make connections to what is going on in the story. Your child should know how to do these things and we strongly encourage you to talk about the books your child is reading.

    First Grade will be engaged in math activities that relate to numbers and operations (counting, adding, subtracting, estimating), measurement, algebra, geometry, and problem-solving. They will demonstrate mastery in addition and subtraction facts (0-10).

    Science objectives include: classify matter, identify needs and parts of plants, life cycle of plants and animals, identify and order the 4 seasons, and identify weather conditions.

    Social Studies objectives include: compare differences of US families, make and use a map, identify people’s needs and wants, identify rights and responsibilities, and participate in classroom voting.

    Our children are developing character traits based on the Spirit of Skyway values: responsibility, respect, human dignity, excellence, service, honesty, perseverance, and compassion. We believe that learning is a journey and that all students can learn. Please support your child with your time, patience, and love.

    Be Respectful    Be Responsible    Be Safe    Be Caring