• Dear Skyway Families,

    I hope this letter finds you healthy and happy!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!  My family arrived three weeks ago to North Idaho.  I just love the weather and the beauty all around us.  My three boys have been enjoying all the water access!  Interestingly, one of my favorite things about living here in Coeur d Alene is hearing kids outside playing!  
    This summer I hope you can do three things for me and Mrs. Kelly.  Read an amazing book, try something new you have never done before, and/or make a memory with someone you love.  At the beginning of school, Mrs. Kelly and I will be asking you one or all of these question. We will also be ready to share this information with you.  
    In the fall, we will launch a new writing program using the workshop model:  to, with and by.  This program will develop you as a writer.  One way to build your writing muscle is to share ideas and communicate.  Getting ideas out in a discussion format is the forefront skill to writing narratives!  I can't wait to see each of you grow as a writer this year!
    Boys and girls, have the best summer.  I can't wait to meet each and every one of you.  Mrs. Kelly, the entire Skyway staff, and I are eagerly awaiting your return.  We will have more dates set for you by mid August.  Until then, stay safe and have fun!  
    Jennifer Peak