• Our Office Staff is Here to Help You

    Skyway's Office Staff consists of our office manager Lora Seaman, school secretary Dana Franssen, and nurse Erin Dever. These ladies handle telephone, guests, sick children, registration, enrollment, ordering, state and district reporting, newsletters, invoices, time sheets, repairing copy machines, and distribution of all those flyers and papers your children bring home.
    Lora Seaman     Dana Franssen

    Ms. Seaman - Office Manager
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    Mrs. Franssen - School Secretary
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    A message from the office ladies:

    Lora and Dana would like to remind parents to please update us when you change addresses, phone numbers and emergency pick up information. It is very important that we are able to get a hold of you in case of illness or an emergency.

    Please call the office and leave a message if your child will be absent for the day.

    It helps us if you try to schedule your child’s medications at home. If your child needs to take medicine at school, (prescription or over the counter), you will need to bring the medicine to school in its original bottle and sign a release form for us to administer it to your child. Medicine delivered in ziplock bags will not be accepted by the office.

    Remember that children are not allowed to be on school grounds until 8:30 a.m. There is no supervision on the playground prior to this time.