• Fourth Grade Teachers
           Mrs. Wise
                  Mrs. Wise
           Staff photo of Mrs. Waldo, fourth grade teacher at Atlas       
                      Mrs. Waldo
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                Mrs. Taylor                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

    Catakdi Mission Fourth graders at Atlas will be taking two field trips this year. Our first field trip will be in the spring as we experience The Spokane Symphony as they perform at North Idaho College for all the Cd'A School District 4th grade classes.

    Our second field trip will be a visit to the Cataldo Mission in Cataldo, Idaho. A date has yet to be determined. This is a trip back in time as we explore Idaho's oldest standing building as well as visiting the Cataldo Visitor's Center. Parents are welcome to come along on the Cataldo Mission trip, but must provide their own transportation



  • We follow the district curriculum guidelines in the following ways:

    • Reading for fluency and comprehension
    • Writing for a variety of purposes.
    • Listening, speaking, and spelling skills.
    • Mathematical reasoning, estimation, computation, geometry, problem solving, measurement.
    • Science units in Newtonian Law, rocks and geology, adaptations.
    • Social Studies is focused on Idaho, studying history, government, environment, geography.

    We also enrich our curriculum in a variety of ways. There are various class projects, guest speakers, assemblies, and other activities that challenge and stimulate student learning.

    Technology is integrated into our curriculum in a variety of ways. Students use technology for research, keyboarding skills, and publishing. Every student creates a multimedia project that revolves around Idaho History.

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