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              Welcome to Fifth Grade!

    5th grade at Winton is a fun and challenging place to learn.
    We focus on reading and literature studies. Learning to write well and spell correctly are critical skills for every learner. Thinking strategies and problem solving are incorporated in our activities throughout the day. Students are encouraged to take their learning home by reading at home every day. We also encourage our students to write, edit, and share their writings with family at home. Students will need to spend time memorizing spelling words each week. They also need to spend time memorizing math facts as this will help them be successful in our fifth grade mathematics program.We study the U.S.A. and the history of our country in Social Studies. In Science some of our most challenging units are weather and matter, as well as an ongoing unit on the human body and health. To learn we use textbooks, do experiments and projects, and write research papers.There are also opportunities for you to be a member of Special Chorus, Marimba and Strings.

    We are a community of learners with many rights and just as many responsibilities. Our goal is always quality and excellence. We are living proof that hard work, done well, feels good!