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    Merrit Mitchell

    Phone Number:  664-5844


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  • Hello!   My name is Merrit Mitchell.  If you spend anytime in my classroom this year, you will discover that I have a lot of energy and rarely sit down.  (I am known to eat my lunch standing up!)  I love archery, cooking, gardening, recycling, reading, technology, and I've also been known to love a good garage sale.

    I have attended many universities.  Columbia Junior College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Sacramento State University. I have a BA in Psychology and have also graduated from the teaching program at Sacramento State University. My first job in teaching was teaching a K/1 combination class with five different languages!

    This is my fourteenth year teaching kindergarten at Borah Elementary.  (I have actually taught kindergarten for 24 years!)   I am very excited about the journey we will all take during the year.   There is so much learning to do!  You will be amazed at what your child can do by the end of the year.  To help your child on this journey, please read to your child everyday to help build a strong vocabulary and to expose your child to print.  Practice those letters that your child doesn't know.  Help your child write his/her name.  Make sure your child is well fed and rested before he/she comes to school to ensure that he/she can focus on learning.  A child that does well in kindergarten will most likely do well in the upper grades.

    I have learned a lot from the kindergarteners I have taught and they have also learned a lot fom me.  I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of all my students and I look forward to your help on this remarkable journey! 


  •  Kindergarten Specials are from
    12:55-1:40 p.m. each day
    Monday- Art 
    Tuesday- P.E. 
    Wednesday - Computer Lab     
    Friday: Library 


  • The School Closure HOTLINE

    is 667-0784.  Or you can tune in

    into the local radio station 

    (KVNI -1080) or local TV
    channels. They will announce
    school closures due to weather.


  • I love to have volunteers in my classroom!  Please do not hesitate to contact me about helping out in reading, preparing assignments,   art  prep, and the list goes on! 

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    Have your child practice writing his/name.
    Capital at the beginning and lowercase letters
    to follow.  This skill appears
    on the report card.
    Practice your letters and sounds EVERY night.  
    Use the fluency sheets I will send home to 
    become fluent in letters and sounds.  Our goal is to
    be great readers.  With your help, your
    child can succeed!
    Please have your child practice
    writing a sentence with a capital
    at the beginning, lowercase 
    letters to follow, spaces between words,
    anda period at the end.
    By end of the year, your 
    child should know:  How to 
    count to 100, identify 2D and 
    3D shapes, number 
    identification and writing 0-20, 
    can count with
    one-to-one correspondence,
    compare and classify objects, 
    and understand addition as 
    putting together and adding 
    to, and subtraction as taking 
    apart and taking from, and be 
    fluent in addition and sub-
    traction facts through 5.
    Please work with your child on
    writing the numbers 0-20.
    Remember, as when  
    writing letters, we always start
    at the top and write down.  
    Writing numbers is difficult.
    Most students have problems
    with most of the numbers,
    so please practice at home. 

Box Tops

  • Every year Borah collects box tops and soup labels for education from many product boxes or packaging. Please cut these out and send these in to our class to collect.  Last year we collected over 1500 labels and box tops in our classroom and I'm hoping to beat that number this year.  The labels help us earn money for our school, so please collect all you can and send them in as you cut them out. 


  • We have snack time each day.  Please bring in one large container, box, or bag of a fairly healthy snack (no candy please) once per month to share  with the class. Ideas for snacks are: pretzels, chex mix, goldfish, granola bars, crackers,   etc... If on occasion, such as a birthday, special day, or holiday, you would  like to bring in a special treat, you may also choose to do that, too.  When I pass out your child's snack, the class will thank him/her.  If your would like your child to bring their own personal snack, please do so. Also, your child  may keep a water bottle at their table to drink from.  (Just make sure the lid seals well to prevent spills.) No pop, please. Also, if your child is allergic to any food item, please make a point to let me know.