• DUAL Credit Information

     DUAL credit is a program available to Coeur d'Alene High School students that allows eligible students to enroll in college level courses.  Both DUAL Credit and Advanced Placement (AP) courses have the potential to reslt in college level credit.  Students and families should understand the difference between the two options and decide which one will be the best options.  If you would like to learn more about DUAL Credit and AP difference, please click here to watch our Academic Planning Overview presentation. Students who successfully complete their DUAL credit courses will receive both college and high school level credit.


    DUAL Credit Enrollment Procedures

    CHS students have the opportunity to take DUAL credit courses from multiple colleges and universities.  Below is a general listing of steps for students wishing to become a DUAL enrolled student.  To find more detailed steps for DUAL enrollment based on the different colleges and universities, please see the college links below.


    1. Determine if you meet the minimum requirements to become a DUAL Credit student

    2. Apply to your intended college/university

    3. If needed, schedule your placement assessments

    4. Meet with the College and Career Coordinator to put together DUAL Credit plan that best meets your post-secondary educational goals and high school graduation requirements.

    4. Register in your intended courses based on your placement, high school graduation requirements and post-secondary plans

    5. Give a copy of your college schedule to the College and Career Center for review.