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    A Short History

    Stories matter, and Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities has a beautiful story about creativity, perseverance, hard work, and collaboration.  In 2007, Sorensen was ranked 11th out of 11 elementary schools in our district.  Our school was the lowest performing school with the highest number of empty seats.  The school district called a staff meeting the week before Thanksgiving and announced that they would be closing our school, effective at the end of the year.  As you can imagine, this news devastated our staff, students, and hardworking families.  The Sorensen staff collaborated with our amazing families and local businesses to see what we could accomplish together.  The path forward was clear, we must fight to "Save Sorensen!"  With countless hours, before and after school meetings, planning sessions and campaigns, we organized a proposal for the school board.  The proposal included changing our name and structure, expanding our existing arts programs, and creating new arts programming that was unique to our region.  After a long and hard battle, the school board approved our plans and gave us a year to meet certain conditions.  These conditions included raising $100,000 of our own funding, increasing enrollment, and increasing student achievement. Our staff, families, and local businesses got to work.

    Sorensen met those first year goals and has continued to meet and exceed them year after year since 2008.  Today, US News ranked Sorensen as the top elementary school in our district in terms of programming and student achievement.  They also ranked us 6th in the state out of all elementary schools, and 1st in the state for Idaho Magnet Schools.  We were recently recognized by the National Art Schools Network, receiving the designation of an "exemplary school."  This is no accident.  We have a beautiful collaboration between our staff, families, students, downtown businesses and our local art community.

    The annual Sorensen Auction and Soiree was created by dedicated parents and local businesses out of our need to financially support the efforts to save the school, and amazingly, each year the auction continues to raise all the funds to support Sorensen's arts and humanities programming.  Sorensen receives NO additional funding from the district or the state to provide the programming offered here, like the performance teams, artist in residency, and arts and humanities classes.  Our Sorensen community is strong and vibrant and our parents are a huge reason our school has been able to foster our children's individuality, creativity, and excitement for learning.  We hope that you will be a part of our community and will participate and aid in Sorensen's continued success.  


    2023-24 Auction 

    Date: February 24, 2024
    Location: CdA Resort Event Center

    The theme this year is "A Night in Old Havana".

    Every year there is a schoolwide theme. This year's theme is Around the World in 180 Days. Throughout the school year, many class lessons, projects, and lessons in the Arts and Humanities block will be based on this theme. While on this trip around the world, we will be making a pit stop for A Night in Old Havana for the annual Sorensen Auction on February 24th.


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