Jered is a husband and father. He grew up in a small farming community outside of the Bay Area in California. In his youth, Jered was an accomplished basketball player, playing at the high school and college levels. In his spare time, he enjoys working with wood, making everything from furniture to small craft items. Jered is also an avid bowler and a huge fan of baseball, and a die-hard Trekie.






    Jered has taught various Social Studies grade levels and curriculums in his 10+ years as a professional educator. His goal in teaching Social Studies is to make the curriculum relevant to the lives of his students. He uses many of his own experiences to guide the delivery and instruction in Economics to prepare students for their own personal financial lives. When teaching Government, Jered tends to focus on the evolution of the law and how that may impact his students. Jered loves a good story but realizes that most students learn history best by doing history. So Jered uses numerous strategies, types of assignments, and plays to the various types of learning to make the stories of history come alive.





    Bachelors Degree: History – California State University East Bay


    Masters Degree: History – California University East Bay


    Endorsements: Social Studies