• Mrs. Gibney  

    Hello! I am Kristin Gibney. This is my twenty-second year in education! I have been passionate about literacy and learning for two decades and have the privilege of being the Reading Specialist at NExA Elementary! I have also taught every grade, kindergarten through 5th, in TWO states. My team and I are ready to get into classrooms and help all students boost reading and writing skills. I am so excited to be doing this work and meeting literacy needs at NExA! Family involvement is so crictial for success in school and literacy work happens at home too! I keep in close communication with the teachers, but you can reach out to me too via email or phone.

    I love living here in Idaho and enjoying the fabulous outdoors. Mr. Gibney, my daughter, and I can often be found fishing at the lake. On snowy, cold days, I love snuggling up with my two pups, an energetic boxer rescue pup, Duke, and a Chihuahua mix pup named Tizzy, and reading a good book. Fiction stories are my favorite to read. This will be a big year of growth for us as we learn how to do school to our very best ability. I expect your best self and I will present my best self to you. This will be the most amazing school year ever!


    Mrs Gibney