• My name is Mr. Parsons and I teach Social Studies and Technology here at Canfield.  I have been teaching for 15 years and have enjoyed the oppurtunties of traveling to places around the world that we discuss in my World Cultures class.  I am orignially from the state of Washington and graduated from Central Washington University. I have taught a wide range of classes from US History, Civics, Psychology, and Global Issues.  My degree might be in Social Studies/History Education but have a strong passion for techology that led me to Canfield Middle School in the first place.  Currently I offer Animation and Media/Video elective courses to explore the field of technology. Outside of school I enjoy the outdoors flyfishing along with tending to the goats and chickens on our property. 

    Contact me at: thomas.parsons@cdaschools.org

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    Pride Period (Monday's only)

    1st Period: World Cultures

    2nd Period: Animation/ Media Video

    3rd Period: Plan

    4th Period: Exploration

    6th Period: Animation/ Media Video

    7th Period: Animation/ Media Video