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  • idla websiteFor families looking for an online school experience this year, Coeur d’Alene Public Schools is partnering with Idaho Digital Learning Alliance (IDLA). The IDLA curriculum is developed by Idaho teachers, using Idaho Content Standards. 

    Idaho Digital Learning Alliance was created by the Idaho State Legislature (Title 33, Chapter 55 Idaho Code, 2002) and Idaho educators, developed for Idaho students, and is recognized as a leader across the nation in online virtual education. Idaho Digital Learning Alliance was created to provide access, equity, and flexibility for students in the state of Idaho according to its statutory authority, and Idaho Digital Learning Alliance enables the state to meet its constitutional requirement to provide a uniform and thorough educational system.

    By creating Idaho Digital Learning Alliance, an online state school, the Idaho Legislature, school administrators, and school boards created a collaboration of 115 school districts with highly qualified teachers, online courses, virtual services, and eLearning expertise for the state in online virtual education policy, procedure, and implementation.

    Funding for Idaho Digital Learning Alliance is provided by an annual appropriation and course fees charged to enrolling schools. Additional revenue comes from professional development fees and private grant funding. Idaho Digital Learning Alliance does not grant credits or issue diplomas but works in partnership with the local school districts to record student grades.

Elementary IDLA

  • For elementary students (K-5), IDLA offers English, math, science and social studies. Some instruction is independent, while some is live with an IDLA teacher. Elementary students will be assigned to one teacher and will meet with the teacher online for at least two hours daily, Monday through Thursday.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the IDLA Link elementary program.

Secondary IDLA

  • For secondary students (6-12), IDLA courses cover math, science, English, social studies, history, government, geography, health, computer science, economics, keyboarding, creative writing, languages, graphic design, photography, driver’s education, and more. At the secondary level, most activities are independent in the Cohort-based model, with new units every two weeks. 

    Visit this link to learn more about the IDLA Link secondary program.

    Students who register for the IDLA program this fall will remain enrolled in the Coeur d’Alene School District and keep their affiliation with their home school. Students also have the option to attend selected elective classes in person and to participate in their school’s extracurricular activities.

    Students who register for the IDLA program are expected to commit to the full semester (September 13 to January 14). The District will work with interested families to register their students for the IDLA program. There is no cost to register for the elementary or secondary programs.

Answers to Your Questions

  • faq's

    Q: Is there a cost for this program?

    No, for students who will be attending this program full time through CdA Schools, there is no cost to the family. Students who take an additional, overload course (outside of their full time attendance in CdA Schools) may be charged or may use Advanced Opportunities funds.

    Q: What are some key dates to know about?

    • Dec. 3: Deadline to register for the IDLA program 2nd semester. Students interested in full time IDLA attendance through CdA Schools must complete our registration form by this date.
    • Jan. 31: IDLA semester 2 begins.

    Q: Is technology provided to access the program, such as a Chromebook or a hotspot?

    Yes, Chromebooks can be checked out for students who need one to access IDLA courses, or personal devices can be used. If a hotspot or internet connection is needed, please let us know when you register, and we will work with you to ensure you can get connected. Requested devices, including hotspots, will be checked out to registered students at our District Office, 1400 N. Northwood Center Court, Coeur d’Alene. IDLA uses tools that should be familiar to district students, such as Schoology and Zoom.

    Q: Are special education services provided?

    The program we are contracting with through IDLA does not currently serve students with disabilities independently. 

    If parents of students with disabilities desire an online option, we would encourage them to speak with their case manager about the ability for this program to meet their child’s unique needs. We will be reviewing each registration, and reaching out directly to families with students receiving services, to discuss an appropriate placement.

    If IDLA is not appropriate, we can recommend other avenues for online instruction for your child outside of CDA School District which would require disenrolling. 

    We hope we can work with our CDA families and students to maintain our brick and mortar services keeping in mind your concerns and needs while the pandemic continues. 

    Q: Do students need to still register at their home schools and get pictures taken, etc.?

    Yes, students still need to be registered at their home schools but will be taking classes through IDLA. Students will still need to get their pictures taken, and pay ASB fees if participating in extracurricular activities. If necessary, we will schedule a photo retake just for students in the IDLA program. 

    Q: Who will be contacting students notifying them of their IDLA courses?

    Once families have submitted the online registration form, we will work with IDLA to do the initial registration, and families will receive a notification when this is complete. Next, Bryan Kelly, Principal of our K-12 Magnet School, and Noelle O’Sickey, counselor for this program, will contact the student to complete the selection of classes. After the schedule has been completed and approved by the home school, a final notification will go out to students and families with their schedule.


  • register for IDLA

    Please complete and submit THIS FORM (Click here) by Friday, December 3, to let us know you want to register for the second semester of IDLA program. Submit a separate form for each student you would like to register. Second semester classes will begin on Monday, January 31.