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    You may apply NOW to have your student attend our new K-12 Magnet School for the 2021-22 School year!


    You also may pick up a copy of the application form at these two locations:

    1. District Office
        1400 N. Northwood Center Court

    2. CdA eSchool/Magnet office
        9650 N. Government Way


1. Essential Skills from Most Likely to Succeed on Vimeo.

You can learn more about the focus and mission of our new K-12 magnet school by


Even more information is available on YouTube. We presented the magnet school proposal to the Board of Trustees on March 1, 2021, and the board voted unanimously to approve our plans.

The presentation begins 50 minutes and 30 seconds into the board meeting. 

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    CDA eSchool Students and Families: 

    We are entering an important phase in the future of our new school as we plan for how it will grow into a permanent learning community after this year. We have been working toward this all year, and we invite you to join us now in reviewing and further developing the vision and mission of the eSchool, drawing on your experiences this year and your hopes for our future.

    We envision CDA eSchool transitioning from a large 100% remote learning school this year to a smaller, K-12 blended learning community. Our hope is to build a magnet school that will prepare students to understand and pursue solutions to the challenges we face locally and globally, and to give students the confidence to be agents of positive change now and in the future. Our K-12 students will grow as leaders while they learn remotely, on the school campus and out in our community.

    We would like to share details about our hopes for our future with all our families. During six short Zoom presentations between February 16 and 19, we plan to share our vision and ideas, then collect your feedback through the survey below. Please join us for one of these six presentations by using the links we have emailed you.

    Bryan Kelly, Principal 
    CDA eSchool


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    beliefs blue image We believe relationships support the academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students.  

    We believe in an inclusive learning community where all students are valued and respected. 

    We believe all students deserve access to authentic, meaningful, and equitable learning opportunities to create and apply new knowledge. 

    We believe students thrive when families, teachers, and school staff partner to support them. 

    We believe our students are difference makers (leaders) who understand and pursue solutions to the challenges faced by our city and world

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    vision blue graphic We Build Students Ready for their Future

    Agents of Change - Our students are agents of change who improve our community, develop high level competencies, and make a difference in their world. 

    We recognize that, in order for students to be equipped for their lives and futures, they need a system that puts learners at the center. Students need a system that starts with two guiding questions:

    What should Coeur d’Alene School District students know and be able to do?

    How can we create a system that will get them there?

    Graduates Who are Prepared - Our students develop the following competencies and dispositions described in our PORTRAIT OF A GRADUATE (6 C's)

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    action blue graphic Our Learning Community is Student Centered

    1. We support the well-being of our students by nurturing and developing the heart, body and mind of each student.

    2. Students will have voice and choice in their learning, and learning experiences will foster creativity, curiosity, and innovation.

    3. Students will engage in academic conversations with one another to understand varying perspectives to make meaning of their learning.

    4. Students will take ownership of their own learning by setting goals, self-assessing their progress towards their goals, and reflecting on their academic growth.

    5. Students will provide feedback to one another as well as honestly assess themselves.

    6. Students will engage in project-based learning opportunities that are cross-curricular and designed to cultivate students’ understanding and agency.

    7. Students will engage in service learning projects that combine learning objectives with community service to create positive change in our city and world.

    8. Teachers and students will learn alongside one another, and as a result, the teachers will model the Portrait of a Graduate dispositions for our students.