Chase Posey has mostly worked in the banking industry since graduating college, however after several years of banking , he decided to follow his passion for history and working with students. He enjoys soccer, golf, tennis, woodworking, chess, piano, and playing with his young son Ezra. He also loves outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, skiing, camping, kayaking, and hanging out by the lake.


    Mr. Posey’s classes focuses on three goals. Firstly, students are taught to be lifelong learners. Students must have the skills to continue learning after high school in order to adapt to an ever changing world. Secondly, students are taught how to critically think, read, and write. These skills are vital to success in most careers. Lastly, Mr. Posey’s classes aim to help students become strong and knowledgeable citizens of the United States. The foundation of democracy is an educated citizenry, and so this is a major focus throughout the year. Meeting these three goals will empower students to begin great careers and follow their passion




    Teaching Endorsements:  Secondary Mathematics 6-12

    Bachelor of Arts in History - Montana State University

    Social Studies Teaching Certification - Lewis-Clark State College

    Teaching Endorsements - History and Social Studies