Michelle Pavlik is a Washington state native and has been across the border in Idaho for close to a decade. When her 3 kids aren’t keeping her busy, she enjoys dabbling in wheel-thrown pottery, yoga, and video games. During the warm months she can be found with friends and family adventuring in the forest through hiking, picking huckleberries, and swimming in the many glorious lakes surrounding the area.


    Human connection and communication is the forefront of Michelle Pavlik’s English Language Arts classroom. Through critical thinking, speech, text analysis, and writing, students will dive into the tools needed to succeed beyond the classroom. Communication, in its myriad of forms, is a crucial part of becoming who you are meant to be.Refining these skills will empower students by giving them the tools to let their voices be heard in a way that honors both themselves and those around them. We are here to learn how to learn, make mistakes, be a little goofy, and dive into the bread and butter of human connection.