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    The ability to read can make or break a child's future – Third grade is a pivotal time for students
    as they transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Those who are not reading at grade
    level by this time will fall far- ther and farther behind and are less likely to graduate high school.

    Literacy is the foundation for all learning – If you can't read, you can't learn. As students who
    struggle with reading move through school, they get more and more frustrated when they can't
    understand simple concepts, causing them to lose confidence, lose interest, and fall further
    behind their peers.

    The need is huge – As many as 16% of third grade students in the Coeur d'Alene School District read
    below grade level and an additional 19% read near, but not at, grade level. There can be a lot of
    reasons a child is strug- gling with reading, including acute and chronic stress, trauma, lack of
    home support, among others.

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    A Book Buddy Is:

    A highly motivated and dedicated volunteer who desires to invest in a one-on-one relationship with a
    first or second grade reading- challenged child. Exploring books and literacy activities within
    this safe and caring relationship allows the child to grow their love for reading and improve their
    reading success.

    - Commit to meeting with your Book Buddy a minimum of once a week.

    - Meet with your Book Buddy's teacher.

    - Complete an application and pass a background check.

    As A Book Buddy You Will:

    Attend an informational lunch.

    Remain with your Book Buddy for one of the following:
    · The rest of this school year
    · This school year + summer
    · This school year + summer + next school year (or more)

    WHO WE ARE: Recognizing that early reading proficiency sets the stage for future learning outcomes,
    Innovia Foundation brought together stakeholders in 2015 to launch the Opening Books,  Opening Doors
    initiative. This program is anchored by a $600,000 grant from Innovia Foundation and regional funders.

    The initiative coordinates the efforts of University of Idaho, the Coeur d'Alene School District, CDA 2030,
    and other community partners to help every third-grade student in the CDA School District read at grade-level.

    Opening Books, Opening Doors
    Amy Voeller, Opening Books, Opening Doors Program Manager
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