New Policy Information

  • We are currently in the process of rewriting all of our policies and procedures.  This is a big undertaking, and it will be some time before we have all the new policies up on the website.  Until then, some of the remaining old policies will be displayed until the rewrite is complete.  Thank you for your patience during this process.  

    If you have any questions regarding current policy or procedures, please contact Pam Westberg at 

    Thank you.

Complete Policy Section

Individual Policy by Section

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Section 1000 - Board of Trustees

Section 2000 - Instruction

Section 3000 - Students

Section 4000 - Community Relations

Section 5000 - Personnel

Section 6000 - Administration

Section 7000 - Financial Management

Section 8000 - Non-Instructional Operations

Section 9000 - School Security

Remaining Policy to Review for Rewrite Process

  • Policy Title Policy Section Policy Number View
    Board Requirements for Public Works Business 806 Open
    Inventory Records Business 872 Open
    Related Party Transactions Business 881 Open
    Statement of Guiding Principles Building and Sites 900 Open
    Building and Grounds Maintenance and Devel. Building and Sites 902 Open
    Uniform Public School Building Safety Building and Sites 904 Open
    Physical Memorials Building and Sites 905 Open
    Naming of Facilities Building and Sites 906 Open
    Rental-Use of School Facilities Building and Sites 910 Open
    Acquisition and Sale of Real Property Building and Sites 922 Open
    Excision and Annexation of Territory Building and Sites 927 Open
    Contracts for Recreational Facilities Building and Sites 930 Open
    Use of Contract Services Building and Sites 932 Open
    Trespass on School District Properties Building and Sites 934 Open