Driver Education

  • The cost of the Driver Education Class will be $265.00 starting on July 1, 2024.
    Our District offers driver education to high school-age students residing within our boundaries.  Students are accepted, through an application process, by birthdate, the oldest students first.  (Average age is 15-1/2 to 16.)  The 6-week course includes 30 classroom hours, 6 hours behind the wheel, and 6-12 hours of observation.  The cost is $190 (payable to the District) plus $26.50 to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a permit. Foreign exchange students and students enrolled in IDLA Driver Education are not eligible for the CDA School District Driver Education program.
    For further information, contact Greg Espe, 208 661-9855.
    Driving Privileges in Idaho
    The legislature passed a law in 1996 (Idaho Code 49-303) that allows suspension of the driver's license and/or privileges of minors under the age of 18 if they drop out of school or do not abide by the school district's attendance policies.

    The law states that a student applying for a driver's license, instruction permit, or driver's training permit must provide written verification from their school District or private school to the Driver License Examiner in the county they are applying, that he/she is enrolled in school and meets the District or private school attendance requirements.  This Verification of Compliance (V.O.C.)  is available from the student's home school attendance office and must be submitted with picture identification and birth certificate when applying for a driving permit.

    In the event a student fails to meet the enrollment and attendance requirements of this policy, the principal or designee shall provide written notification to the student and his/her parent, guardian or custodian, of the school District's intent to request that the Idaho Transportation Department suspend the student's driving privileges (whether or not the student is licensed) because the student has failed to comply with attendance or enrollment requirements.

Meet Greg Espe

  • Greg Espe with our diver's education car.

    Meet Greg Espe, driver's education instructor. For 26 years Greg has provided driver education to high school students (average age is 15-1/2 to 16) — more than 9000 students to date. He sees approximately 270 students each year and has a long waitlist of anxious would-be drivers.

    His 6-week course is a rigorous one, including 30 classroom hours with tests, six hours behind the wheel and up to 12 hours of observation. His best advice to new and experienced drivers? "Life is too short — don't be in such a hurry."