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    Hi families,

    My name is McKenna Symons and I am pleased to welcome you to the first grade here at Ramsey. I am so excited as I dive in to my second year of teaching. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2017 and completed my student teaching in my hometown, Silverdale, right on the West Coast of Washington. I have known that I wanted to work in a classroom since I was your kiddos age… did anyone else ever play school with their stuffed animals when they were a kid? I have always had a passion for working with children and growing these imaginative minds that are eager to learn.

    Over the years, I have made my passion for growing these young minds a goal. To achieve this goal, I strongly believe in a student driven classroom. The students are given the power to challenge both themselves and their peers during work time, and times of debrief. We do not believe in just any mistake in my room, only great mistakes that we can learn from. It is important to me that my students understand how much they are capable of and encouraging them to continue to take their learning deeper. We spend our time problem solving as a class and growing together.

    When my husband, Joshua Symons is out of the office and I’m out of the classroom, our hobbies include reading (LOTS), hiking, boating, skiing, traveling, and visiting the palm trees and sunshine in Phoenix, Arizona where we originally met.

    If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. It is my pleasure to be working with you! 


    Monday Schedule                                Tuesday-Friday Schedule
    10:00 Late Start | School Begins 9:00               School Begins
    10:00-11:30 ELA Workshop 9:00-10:45     Reader's Workshop
    11:30-12:15 Lunch  10:45-11:00   Snack Recess
    12:15-1:35   Math Workshop 11:00-12:15   Math Workshop
    1:35-1:50     Snack Recess 12:15-1:00     Lunch
    1:50-2:30     Science  1:00-2:15       Writer's Workshop
    2:35-3:20     Specials 2:15-2:30       Snack Recess
    3:30             Dismissal  2:35-3:20       Specials
    Once a month- Science Enrichment! 3:30               Dismissal 


    Specialist Schedule

    Monday: PE (Don't forget your PE shoes!)
    Tuesday: Library (Don't forget your Library books!)
    Wednesday: Science
    Thursday: Music
    Friday: Art


    -McKenna Symons

    1st Grade

    Room 202

    Email: msymons@cdaschools.org

    (This is the best way to contact me)