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    Hola Bienvenido/a a la Clase de Español!

    My name is Sra. Bailey, I am one of the Spanish(1&2) teachers at LCHS. I am originally from Michoacán, Mexico, and moved to Idaho when I was 13. I am a second language learner myself so I know the challenges that come with learning not only a new language but also a new culture! I hope that in my class you can learn to look at the world with a different set of glasses as language greatly influences who we are and our view of the world, as well as our behavior! 

    In these classes you will learn the basics of how to read, write, and speak in Spanish. In today's world being bilingual is a very valuable skill my goal is to give a jump start on your journey of learning a new langugage and provide you with a good foundation so that you can understand the very basics of the language learning. I am excited to have you in my classroom! 


  • Email: viviana.bailey@cdaschools.org

    Phone: (208) 769 -0769

    Classroom : B8

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