• 2023-2028 STRATEGIC PLAN

    Education is an investment in our children's future, our community's future, and our world's future. Coeur d'Alene Public Schools is committed to investing in educational excellence and leveraging all available personal and financial resources to make an impactful difference in our children's current and future lives. 

    Our 2023 — 2028 Strategic Plan serves as a lens of that promise and responsibility through a clear vision,  guiding values, a purposeful mission and vision, and measurable priorities under our four focus areas : 



    In order to meet our goals, we need resources. In many cases, we have existing initiatives and resources to apply in new ways and, in some instances, we may need new learning, policy, procedure, and practices to achieve them. Below are some of the existing practices and resources that may be employed to meet these goals. Specific goals are listed below in the links at the bottom of the page.


    goal 2 buttonWe reflect our school and district by transparently communicating and engaging in relationships that reflect our core mission and values.

    This could employ:

    • Community Schools
    • Embedded Supports
    • Parent Engagement
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Clear Communications
    • Public Performances
    • Legislative Outreach
    • Public Dashboards







    goal 2 buttonAll schools and sites are safe and well-maintained and are placed where collaboration is maximized for the enhancement of student learning.


    This could employ:

    • Building Infrastructure
    • Professional Learning Communities
    • School Safety
    • Distributive Leadership
    • Collaborative Input
    • School/district Recognition
    • Fiscal/Operational Responsibility
    • Mental Health

    The Instructional Framework emphasizes that students will have an equal opportunity to learn essential content with clear learning expectations for every content area led by highly-regarded teachers, administrators, and support staff.  

    This could employ:

    • Instructional Framework
    • Professional Growth Plans
    • Learning Labs/Modeling
    • Achievement-focused Evaluation
    • Job-embedded Professional Development
    • Data-based Decision-making
    • Adherence to Standards
    • Curricular Revision
    • Focused Curriculum
    • Reliable Resources
    • Clear/measurable Goals
    • Progress-monitoring
    • Effective Interventions
    • Individualization



    Banner - Personalized College and Career Preparedness

    Every student will navigate the critical transitions in their own schooling, graduate on time, and have a plan for future learning and personal development.


    This could employ:

    • Portrait of a Graduate
    • Variety of CTE programming
    • Work-based Learning
    • Apprenticeships
    • Refreshing Senior Project
    • Building a Teacher Pipeline
    • Relevant Instruction


  • DISTRICT MOTTO (2023-2028):

    forward together logo

    “Forward. Together.” reinforces our commitment to those we serve and what is expected of each employee. We rely on each other to support the needs of each student and ensure that they grow each month, ultimately achieving their academic and career goals. We progress as a school and a school district, reviewing current practices/outcomes and bringing our collective talents and habits together to improve and adapt to what occurs in dynamically changing times.


    The motto is influenced by the words of British prime minister Winston Churchill who implored that the people of Great Britain “go forward together” — to build a coalition rather than division toward a unified goal. We felt that the quote was symbolic of our district's work to unite the greater Coeur d'Alene Community behind its schools, staff, and students, focusing on maintaining the quality educational resources that have been relied upon for over a century.

    OUR MISSION (Our Core Purpose) AND VISION (What We Want to Accomplish)


    "We ensure students become lifelong learners - empowered by their knowledge and skills to be responsible citizens."


    "Through the work of our students and faculty, we will be recognized as a high-achieving district of choice in Idaho and the Northwest."