• Welcome to Freshman English and Comics as Literature! I am very excited to meet you all. 

    Learning is a wonderfully unavoidable aspect of life; whether it's in the classroom, at home, or in the workplace, we will always continue to develop and learn. The sole purpose of this class is to practice how to think—not necessarily what to think. It is important that we may be able to sift through the floods of information and analyze what it is that we are exposed to, and furthermore, apply what is necessary for our own growth. 

    Language Arts classes are not just for those that enjoy a good novel or like to write poetry, they are for everyone. It is not my job, or desire, to get you to love the English language. My goal is to give you the opportunity to grow through struggles, to question what is around you, and to become a person who is empathetic to those around them. You are here to practice these skills, and no, practice doesn't make perfect. But practice does make progress, and progress is a noble goal.

Justin Ewing
  • Please email me with any questions or concerns regarding our class. Email will be the best way to get in touch, so please use this method if possible.


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  • A1 - Honor English 09

    A2 - Prep

    A3 - English 09

    A4 - Comics As Literature


    B5 - English 09

    B6 - Prep

    B7 - English 09

    B8 - English 09

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