• Image that says The future starts now

  • The choices and attitudes you develop now will help pave the way for success in high school, college, and career. The Middle School College & Career Advising Program is here as a resource to help you make the most of middle school and be prepared for the future.


    The Coeur d'Alene School District's goals for the College and Career Program are as follows:

    • Encourage each student to find the right fit to achieve positive post-secondary placement


    • Increase students' and families' knowledge of post-secondary options, preparation, and financing


    • Support individual academic secondary and post-secondary path development


    College and career readiness starts with an awareness of the self, manifested through guided reflection, and progresses into an understanding of careers and the world around them. 

    When students have a keen sense of who they are, what they like and what options are available to them, they are better prepared to custom-design a future for themselves.