Middle School College & Career Advising

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    The choices and attitudes your student develops now will help pave the way for success in high school, college, and career. The Middle School College & Career Advising Program is here as a resource to help you and your student make the most of middle school and be prepared for the future. 

Contact Info

  • The College and Career Advisor is here to help you explore career options that fit your strengths and can help you navigate the education and training necessary to pursue various career paths. Students and family members are more than welcome to drop by or sign up for a one on one appointment. It is never too early to start planning what you want to do during high school and beyond. We look forward to helping you explore and plan for your future!


    For more information, feel free to contact the Middle School College & Career Advisor: 

    Image of Dani Gray with contact info dgray@cdaschools.org 208.626.3448