• Welcome 8th graders and parents!

    My name is Ali Mancha and I am a first-year teacher here at Lakes. I was a long-term sub all last year so I got the opportunity to meet all these great kiddos before this year. I am so excited to be working here at Lakes, it's truly a magical place!

    There is a new curriculum this year. The units we will be covering are called: Suspense, In Time of War, Moral Compass, and The Civil War. We will be using a new program called Studysync, so we will all be learning a lot this year! 

    The best way to reach me is through e-mail, and I am very quick to respond usually. 

    If you would like reminders of when things are due, I urge you to join my class on remind.com - all you need to do is give me your phone number and you will get sporadic text messages (for free) of when things are due, don't forget, etc. I promise I won't block your phone up with messages. It's a great way to stay connected. 

    Let's read a lot of books and have a great year!