• Welcome to Kindergarten!

    I am thrilled to start my second year with the Borah community. I find it very special that I get to be one of the children's first elementary school teachers. I am dedicated to making it a fun, engaging, hands-on year where students are learning about relationships, responsibility, and taking ownership over their learning. The greatest thing about hanging out with 5 year old's all day is that there is never a dull moment! They are so curious, funny, lovable, and inspiring. As one of the student's teachers, I get to tap into all of those great qualities and make it a year they love coming to school. 

     Here are some fun facts about me:

    - I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor's degree in Child Development and Elementary Education. I was also on the rowing team where I won a Big Ten Championship and raced at Nationals every year.

    -I used to teach 2nd grade in Colorado before I moved to Idaho. 

    -My husband and I met while we were living in New Zealand.

    -I have the cutest chocolate lab puppy (I’m obviously bias)

    -My husband and I am are in our second year in Idaho and really like it so far.

    -I am obsessed with the great outdoors and enjoy spending time hiking, biking, skiing, and camping.


    I can't wait to see our Borah community and welcome the new children and families to our school. Lets have a great year!