• Welcome to Kindergarten!.


    I am thrilled to be at Borah Elementary this year and find it very special that I get to be the children's first elementary school teacher. I am dedicated to making it a fun, engaging, hands-on year where students are learning about relationships, responsibility, and taking ownership over their learning. The greatest thing about hanging out with 5 year old's all day is that there is never a dull moment! They are so curious, funny, lovable, and inspiring. As their teacher, I get to tap into all of those great qualities and make it a year they love coming to school. My door is always open for anyone who wants to come in and take part of the Kindergarten journey. Our class loves volunteers to help the learning process.


    Here are some fun facts about me:

    - I graduate from Michigan State University with a bachelor's degree in Child Development and Elementary Education. I was also on the rowing team where I won a Big Ten Championship, as well as, raced at Nationals every year.
    -I spent two year traveling New Zealand and Germany

    -I just got married in the summer

    -I have the cutest chocolate lab puppy (I’m obviously bias)

    -My husband and I am are in our first first in Idaho and really like it so far.

    -I am obsessed with the great outdoors and enjoy spending time hiking, biking, skiing, and camping.