In 2018 the Coeur d’Alene Education Association and District Administration adopted a new approach to contract negotiations called Interest Based Bargaining, or IBB for short. This goal is to be more effective, efficient and collaborative in contract negotiations. Both teams agreed to continue using IBB in 2019 and 2020.

    The IBB strategy calls for both sides to begin by sharing their interests, rather than declaring their proposals. The teams work together to develop agreements that satisfy common interests and balance opposing interests. This also is known as integrative or win-win bargaining. Representatives of the administration and CEA are trained in the IBB process and work together to outline the framework for negotiations in the spring. The aim is to jointly select proposed priority issues to be negotiated.

    A companion process called Collaboration and Problem Solving Sessions, or CAPSS, is being used during the school year. This process is intended to address priorities, problems and concerns that might become contract-related. The CEA and administration meet monthly from October to April to discuss these issues. 

    Scott Traverse and Kim Ziegler

    Trina Caudle and Katie Ebner


Informational Video:

  • We encourage you to watch this informational staff video on Interest Based Bargaining and the CAPSS process this year, featuring Trina Caudle, Bruce Twitchell and Scott Traverse (with a special appearance by Dr. Cook). It is just over 10 minutes long. 

    CAPSS Process Video