• Welcome to Mrs. Ruchti's Class!    I am so excited about being teaching your 4th grader this year!  Your child is lucky, because this year they will have 2 teachers.  Mrs. Mangini and I are partnering together with specialized content.  I will be teaching ELA (reading & writing) and Social Studies with both homeroom groups, and we are all known as the Fantastic 4 Family!    I love to read and write, and I can't wait to foster that same love in your child. 

    I started teaching in 2014 at Fernan STEM Academy.  Since teaching here, I have had the pleasure of teaching kids in 2, 2/3, 3, 5, and now 4th grades.  I have loved every level for different reasons!  Me, my husband, and two children live right here in CDA.  We are a huge soccer family and spend most of our spare time out on the pitch.  Both of my kids play club soccer and also play for the state team.  We love traveling and spending time together exploring different places.  This year I have decided to pursue my masters' degree in Educational Administration.  I am enjoying my continued learning and am excited for my future endeavors, wherever they may lead me! 

    I am happy to be part of your child's educational journey and grateful to be a part of your team.  I am always happy to hear questions or concerns, so please feel free to reach out anytime.  Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!