Meet Michael Sorensen

  • My name is Michael Sorensen and I am the new Principal Assistant. I am extremely excited to join the Borah community and eager for the school year to begin. Borah has a visionary principal and highly dedicated teachers and staff. I am proud to join such a strong team. 

    I have spent the last year working as an elementary and secondary administrative intern in the Salt Lake City School District while also teaching 5th grade, which I have done for the last nine years.  I have absolutely loved being a teacher. Making connections with the students and helping them to realize their potential is more than fulfilling. 

    Before my time as a teacher, I was a social worker who worked with students at a youth crisis shelter in Provo, Utah. I am dedicated to the education field and making a difference in children’s lives every day, which I hope to be able to do on a larger scale in my new administrative role.

    My philosophy of education comes down to my three core beliefs. First, ALL students can learn.  Students need effective teachers who can teach using research-based practices that meet the individual and academic needs of each student. Secondly, ALL students must feel safe. Students need to feel safe in taking risks in class without fear of ridicule or putdowns. The school should be a welcoming and safe environment.  This is best achieved by genuine concern and interest in the well-being of each student. A dedicated educator will take the time to learn the needs of the students and strive to meet those needs. Lastly, learning must be fun, exciting, and challenging. Students can learn difficult tasks if they are taught in a way that appeals to them and matches their learning style.

    I am always open to suggestions, feedback, dialogue, and input from school stakeholders. Please feel free to contact me to set up a meeting to discuss how I can best meet your needs. I look forward to working with the Borah community and striving to make an already great school even greater. 



Mike Sorensen