Kevin Mahoney was born and raised in a family of teachers. As a result, he grew up understanding how rewarding it can be to impact kids each and every day when you go to work. Also, with both his parents as teachers, his summers were spent free to wander the mountains of Montana. After college, he lived out of a tent while studying salmon on the Yakima River, worked as an environmental consultant in Spokane, and taught science at Post Falls High School for almost 10 years. He still roams the mountains of Montana each summer, fly fishing, hiking, and rock climbing, but now with his two boys and amazing wife.



    When thinking back on his own education, two things stand out - the relationships he developed with amazing teachers and the projects that challenged his learning. Those two things have guided his teaching philosophy today. Believing that building positive relationships with students will impact their education more than any lesson planning, curriculum, or testing could ever do. He also believes that students develop the deepest learning when immersed in projects. He has made an effort to incorporate more projects in his curriculum to engage students to communicate, take agency, and be creative. In class, sudents invent games, mathematically measure bacterial growth, build rockets, construct scale model homes, and create geometric art. There is no reason learning math can't be fun!



    Bachelor of Science - Biology:  Eastern Washington University - Minor:  Math

    Bachelor of Arts - Education:  Eastern Washington University

    Masters in Ecology - Eastern Washington University

    Teaching Endorsements:  Natural Sciences, Math