• Mrs. Staub


    I am incredibly happy to be a part of our new Coeur d’Alene e-school this year. This unique opportunity to teach and learn along with students is exciting and one, I believe, many many students will find engaging.  My hope for students is that they will make connections between what we learn in our English class and the bigger world; that they will become proficient in using reading, writing, and speaking skills and be able to apply them to life beyond high school. My goal for students is that they learn how to critically think, whether in the classroom or beyond it.    

    This year, I will be teaching English 11 and English 12.  The English 11 classes will use several seminal works of American literature as foundations for various class discussions, creative as well as argumentative writing assignments, and various projects.  

    Seniors will be using various British and world literature selections to show the interconnectedness of our world, both past and present.  Seniors will be focusing on their senior paper during first semester and completing their senior project during second semester.  Senioritis is real!  Please work hard to keep it at bay until the end of the school year.

    This is my 29th year teaching English; I have taught all levels of high school English, including Advanced Placement English, community college/dual credit courses, and Humanities. I earned my B.A. and M.A. in English from California State University, Fullerton (California). I love (in no particular order), a good book, a great film, a road trip to see new places, all things British, my garden, a long conversation over a cup of tea, a hike in the woods, my friends, my career and students, a crocheting project that goes right, and above all, my husband, our two kids, and our three dogs.

    My motto this year is "Instead of back-to-normal, let's go forward to better!" Students, my commitment to you is to make your online education a valuable one, to connect and communicate with you, and to make learning relevant to you so that you may move "forward better." You and I will face some challenges as we learn this new way of learning, but together we'll get through it!

     Please feel free to contact me at dstaub@cdaschools.org.  I’m looking forward to a great year with our awesome students!