• Mrs. Hedin


    Mrs. Hedin teaches

    Drawing 1,

    Drawing 2,


    Art 2,

    and U of I Drawing 110.


    The 10 reasons why you should take as many art classes as possible:

    1. Creating art is healing

    2. Solving problems becomes a learned skill when one frequently creates

    3. Art encourages original thoughts and develops new pathways in the brain

    4. Allows the brain to be used in a powerful way

    5. Helps you to gain art skills (learn to draw, learn to sculpt, learn to paint, so many fun things to learn:)

    6. Futhers your knowledge about society and other cultures

    7. Can open your mind and heart to others' ideas or circumstances

    8. Gaining art skills can help increase self confidence

    9. You can inspire others with your creations

    10. Making art can be a lifetime career or hobby