Jessica Gaynor lives in Spokane, Washington with her amazing husband and three dogs. She has taught English Language Arts and World History at Venture High School since 2017. Outside of the classroom, she loves track and field, rooting for the Zags, boating on Long Lake, reading, and spending time in her garden.



    The heart of Jessica Gaynor’s teaching philosophy is that education should be centered upon the whole student. She believe schools must create safe and creative environments that teach more than just mastery of content standards. Classrooms must also challenge students to develop skills necessary for success in a challenging and changing world such as the capability of navigating the rights and responsibilities of democratic citizenship and the enduring habit of and love for learning. In her classroom, she works hard to achieve these core values by creating a community of learners that respect and trust one another, promoting student ownership of the classroom, and emphasizing Project Based Learning.



    Bachelor of Arts in Education: Eastern Washington University- Summa Cum Laude 

    Secondary Education Endorsements:  English Language Arts (5-12) and History (5-12)