Dress Code

    It is the policy of this school district that students shall dress in a manner which is appropriate for an effective educational environment. All students are, therefore, required to dress in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy school environment, and is not disruptive of the educational climate and process. The following is taken from School Dress Code: Policy #517
    Students are prohibited from wearing or carrying, clothing, accessories or jewelry, or displaying piercings or tattoos, which, by picture, symbol, or word, depict or allude to any of the following: Drug usage, including alcohol and tobacco, controlled substances of any kind, drug paraphernalia, gangs, violence, sexually explicit, lewd, indecent, or offensive material or illegal acts

    Shirts/Blouses/Tops/T-shirts – Blouses/shirts should be constructed so that the tops of the shoulders are covered (e.g. no halter tops, strapless tops, spaghetti straps, or bare shoulder tops of any type will be allowed). Blouses/shirts that expose any portion of the waist, hips, midriff or breast are not allowed. (If you raise your arms to shoulder level and the stomach shows, the top is unacceptable.) Undergarments (bras, tank undershirts, etc.) will not be visible. Bedroom clothing, pajamas or sleepwear is not allowed.

    Shorts/skirts/Pants – All shorts and skirts must be no shorter than mid-thigh from the bottom of the knee. Nylon tights, biker pants or boxer shorts worn as an outer garment are strictly prohibited. Slits in the skirts cannot be above mid-thigh. Waistline of shorts/skirts/pants must be on or above the hips with no underwear showing. Bedroom clothing, pajamas or sleepwear is not allowed. All belts must be properly fastened around the waist.
    Headwear – Certain types of headwear will not be worn in the school building. This includes, but is not limited to hoods, bandanas and bandana headbands, and sunglasses, or any other head covering as determined by building administration. Exceptions may be granted by the principal.

    Jewelry and other accessories - For safety reasons, any clothing that may be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited. For example: sharp object jewelry, dog collars with spikes, and any other spiked clothing. Wallet chains are not permitted. 

    Shoes – Health regulations and safety factors require that shoes be worn at all times at school (bedroom shoes are not allowed).
    Enforcement -- Building principal/designee may deny class entrance to students who are inappropriately dressed until arrangements may be made for their proper attire. Parents or guardians will be notified each time a student is asked to leave school because of inappropriate attire.