• Title I:

    Title I is a federally funded program that provides academic enrichment for students that are performing near or below grade level.  Our goal is to help children become successful readers and mathematicians by providing lessons to reinforce concepts and strategies taught in the core curriculum within their class.   Our goal is to honor each child and teach from a strength based mindset.  By knowing our students’ strengths, we can differentiate instruction and provide interventions that will enable them to accomplish their potential in essential subjects.  

    We collaborate as a professional team to ensure that students are challenged at their instructional level and to encourage growth by extending concepts in the best setting using models proven by research.  Our intervention plan begins with the individual student's current learning while considering both class and grade level needs.  By referring to essential standards and the results of both universal and diagnostic assessments, we plan an intervention program that targets specific skills and content.

    We are able to receive additional training, resources, programs, and staffing to benefit all students at NExA.  School wide programs do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services.  Having school wide status helps us to assist all of our students and enhance our program as a whole.  This means any student who could benefit from additional help using Title I resources, whether for a two week skill group or a year-long remediation plan, will receive the help they need.

    Title I service may include:

    • Inclusion:   Students receive assistance in the regular classroom.

    • Push In Differentiated Instruction:   Students receive small group instruction within the classroom according to their individual needs.

    • Pull Out Differentiated Instruction:  Students receive small group instruction outside the classroom according to their individual needs.

    • One-on-One Assistance Students may be pulled out to work on an individual basis with a Highly Qualified Title I staff member. 

    We believe differentiating instruction within the classroom is essential to creating strong confident students.  The Title I Specialist, classroom teachers, and Highly Qualified paraprofessionals work with all students to create lesson plans that are designed to meet both skills and essential standards content areas.   Our goal is to help children become confident learners who enjoy the many aspects of both academic and recreational life. Through a partnership with parents, we support the efforts of the children we serve to become lifelong learners.

    Children who score below grade level on the Idaho Reading Indicator and the Idaho Student Achievement Test are referred by the classroom teacher for interventions. Once these children are identified, the students are given specialized instruction in small groups according to their needs and strengths in reading, phonics, writing skills, and numeracy. Progress is closely monitored to ensure that the instruction planned is meeting the needs of the child.  If it is not, a new plan is developed.

    Funding for our program is based on the percentage of free and reduced lunches for which our families apply. Therefore, it is ESSENTIAL that our families apply for free and reduced lunch at our school. Even if our families choose not to participate in this program, their application goes toward our funding. Forms may be picked up at the office or in the cafeteria.