• Welcome to 5th Grade:

    Welcome to NExA’s 5th grade! Our year is full of amazing learning. We delve into at least 5 project-based learning explorations throughout our year, encompassing multiple expeditions and curricular subjects during each project. All projects are grounded in our state standards while engaging in authentic real-world problems and challenges. During our school year, our students make discoveries through PBL about our nations history, local ecosystems, solar system, as well as social-emotional and character education. Within the duration of projects, we participate in numerous learning expeditions that support and deepen the authenticity of each project. For example, within our ecosystems unit, we have toured local lumber mills, bodies of water, the wastewater treatment plant and hiked various locations. We hold each student to a high standard while focusing on individual strengths. We believe all students can succeed in an inclusive classroom community. We look forward to learning with you!