• Welcome to 4th Grade:

    Welcome to 4th Grade!  4th grade is an exciting year with a lot of learning and many exciting things.  During our time together you will learn many things.  In reading we will learn to become critical thinkers about the text we are reading and continue to build a love for reading that allows each student to enjoy this time.  We do this through allowing a lot of choice of material that is being read, while integrating reading that pertains to our current projects.  In math 4th graders learn a lot about extending their skills in all things they have learned previously.  Al lot of these concepts require a quick recall of multiplication and division facts up through 10.  If 4th graders don't know these we will instill a lot of practice, practice, practice!  We also introduce decimals, which is exciting to many students!  Most of our science work is done through our projects and expeditions to explore everything we can.  We will explore many different concepts, but some include rocks and soils, ecosystems, and landforms.  Finally, during our study of history, which is always integrated into a project and tied to expeditions, we will study Idaho history.  This includes the study of symbols of Idaho, Westward Expansion and how it helped form our state, and studying the different regions that make up the great state we live in.
    Above all else in 4th grade we have high expectations that our students are kind, work hard, and are safe at all times.  We believe that having an inclusive learning environment where each student can thrive is what makes NExA so special.  Most of the time our classrooms won't feel traditional and we understand parents may have questions.  We encourage you to reach out to your child's teacher with these questions and to help form a supportive learning team to support your child during their learning this year.  We look forward to meeting you and our adventure together this year!


4th grade hike