Meet our Office Staff

  • Please update us when you change addresses, phone numbers and emergency pick up information. It is very important that we are able to get a hold of you in case of illness or an emergency. If a student must leave early during the school day, the parent/guardian must stop by the office to sign him/her out. We will have your child meet you at the office. For your child's safety we will not release any student to anyone other than parents or legal guardians without permission from parents. Students who are tardy or are returning to school from an appointment must check in at the office. Please try to schedule appointments for your child after 3:25 p.m.  We love parents, visitors and volunteers here at NEXA! All visitors need to pick up a badge and sign in our record book that you're here! We need to be aware of who is on campus in the event of an emergency. Plus, we like to say hello to our many volunteers and parents! You will need your driver's license, so we can annually run your license through our Raptor software for clearance. Please remember to sign out before you leave! It helps us if you try to schedule your child’s medications at home. If your child needs to take medicine at school, (prescription or over the counter), you will need to bring the medicine to school in its original bottle and sign a release form for us to administer it to your child. Medicine delivered in ziplock bags will not be accepted by the office.

  • Miss Michelle

    Office Manager

    • School Finance/Accounting
    • Student Fines & Payments
    • Purchasing & Supplies
    • Facility Use & Scheduling
    • Fundraising & Donations


    Michelle Olson, Office Manager/Treasurer

    Phone: 208.763-0800 X19002 

    Fax: 208-762-3509

  • Mrs. Mysse

    Front Office

    • Student Records
    • Enrollment
    • Attendance
    • Immunization
    • Birth Certificates
    • Skyward Family Access


    Kristen Mysse, Building Secretary/Registrar

    Phone (208)763-0800 X19001