Teacher of the Month Awards

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    Each month we recognize educators in our district for showing effectiveness in teaching, utilizing creativity, developing a nurturing environment for kids, and going the extra mile in service to our district. These awards are made possible by the following sponsors:


    Idaho Panhandle Kiwanis
    honors Middle School and High School teachers.

    cda chamber        nw speciality

    Coeur d'Alene Regional Chamber and Northwest Speciality Hospitals 
    honors Elementary School teachers.

         stcu        mountian west bank

    We would also like to recognize
    Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU) and Mountain West Bank
    for their additonal gifts for our Teachers of the Month.



    Elementary - Larissa Newton, K - 1st Grade Teacher - Dalton Elementary School

    Middle School - Beth Schaller, 7th Grade Math Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    High School - Shanie Mantz, Life Skills Teacher - Coeur d'Alene High School


    Elementary - Danielle Henriquez, Kindergarten Teacher - Winton Elementary School

    Middle School - Marcus Ross, 8th Grade and ALP Math Teacher - Lakes Middle School


    Elementary - Jeanna Rade, Special Education Teacher - Hayden Meadows Elementary School


    Elementary - Amy Moulson, Preschool Teacher - CDA Early Learning Center

    Elementary - Heather Hidalgo, 1st Grade Teacher - Northwest Expedition Academy (NExA)


Teachers of the Month for 2020-21

  • teacher of the month 2020-21


    Heather Izzard, Atlas Elementary School


    Leatha Morgan, Fernan STEM Academy

    Jacquelyn Watson, Borah Elementary School


    Tami Frantzich, Dalton Elementary School


    Bri Barber, CdA eSchool (ROY)


    Meg Westrup, Hayden Meadows Elementary School


    Larissa Rollins, Bryan Elementary School

    Karissa Wise, Northwest Expedition Academy


    Windy Gabbert, Ramsey Magnet School of Science


    Kathleen Hicks, Skyway Elementary School


    Ashley Tenney, Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities


    Mary Rose, CDA Early Learning Center

    Katie Lovitt, Winton Elementary School

Teachers of the Month 2018-19


    Elementary - Kathleen Corbeill, 2nd Grade Teacher - Sorensen Magnet School

    Middle School - Ben Markham, 6th Grade Teacher - Lakes Middle School

    High School - Jared Helm, Theatre/Speech Teacher - Coeur d'Alene High School


    Elementary - Sigurd Panke, Special Ed Teacher - Bryan Elementary

    Middle School - Ali Robitaille, 6th Grade Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    High School - Brad Kerr, Computer Teacher - Lake City High School



    Elementary - Sonia Joy, Title 1 Teacher - Atlas Elementary

    Middle School - Kara Shanholtz, 6th Grade Teacher - Woodland Middle School

    High School - Jessica Gaynor, English Teacher - Venture High School



    Vanessa Staudacher, Special Education Teacher - Northwest Expedition Academy 

    Diann Wandrey, Special Education Teacher - Lakes Middle School

    Rachel Karns, English Teacher - Coeur d'Alene High School



    Kellie Wheelan, Language Arts Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    Donna Staub, English - Lake City High School

Teachers of the Month 2017-18

  • MAY

    Michele Rutherford, 4th Grade Teacher - Borah Elementary

    Rebekah Comstock, Art Teacher - Lakes Middle School

    Adam Fehling, Science Teacher - Venture High School


    Maggie Kemp, 4th Grade Teacher - Winton Elementary School

    Melinda Hennig, 1st Grade Teacher - Fernan STEM Academy

    Tia Vesser, Physical Education Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    James Anderson, Foreign Language Teacher, Lake City High School


    Honey Sayler, Special Education Teacher - Skyway Elementary School

    Vincent Lupinacci, Computer Teacher - Woodland Middle School

    Brian Holgate, Social Studies Teacher - Coeur d'Alene High School


    Shanna Marshall, 4th Grade Teacher - Sorensen Magnet School

    Jodi Vershum, 2nd Grade - Northwest Expedition Academy

    Shad Frazier, Instrumental Teacher - Lakes Magnet Middle School

    Jim Crump, Math & Science Teacher, KTEC


    Deb Loy-Linde, Art Teacher - Bryan Elementary

    Katie Pemberton, Mathematics Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    Shelly Blank, Reading Teacher - Lake City High School


    Joy Shoup, 5th Grade Teacher - Dalton Elementary

    Karina Selby, 7th Grade Life Science - Woodland Middle School

    Erik Karns, Science Teacher - Coeur d'Alene High School


    Linda Harris, ALP Teacher - Atlas Elementary

    Thomas Barnett, Design Technology - Lakes Magnet Middle School

    Susan Thomas, Social Studies - Venture High School


    Jason Peebles, 2nd Grade Teacher - Hayden Meadows

    Karey Dahlgren, 6th Grade Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    Nicolle Baume, Special Education Teacher - Lake City High School


    Steven Blee, 5th Grade Teacher - Ramsey Magnet School of Science

    Doug Shryock, Special Education Teacher - Woodland Middle School

    Kari Tapia, Mathematics Teacher -  Coeur d'Alene High School

Teachers of the Month 2016-17


    Sara Spangler, 5th Grade Teacher - Atlas Elementary

    Carly Curtis, Physical Education Teacher - Lakes Magnet Middle School

    Eric Miller, Math Teacher -  Lakes Magnet Middle School


    Jennifer Edmonds, 1st Grade Teacher - Sorensen Magnet School

    Chris Pickens, 6th Grade Science & Social Studies Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    Kim Kantola, English Teacher - Lake City High School


    Mary Hoskins, Kindergarten Teacher - Hayden Meadows

    Chad Odenthal, 8th Grade Social Studies - Woodland Middle School

    Dale Sprouse, Engineering Design & Automation - KTEC


    Carlos Gonzales, Math Coach - Dalton Elementary School

    Jennifer Nelson, English Teacher - Lakes Magnet Middle School

    Lex Levy, English Teacher - Venture High School


    Shelby Randklez, Title 1 Reading Specialist -  Fernan STEM Academy

    Saprina Schueller, 7th Grade Language Arts - Canfield Middle School

    Colin Donovan, History Teacher - Coeur'd Alene High School


    Trish Freeman, 1st Grade Teacher - Borah Elementary

    Nancy Mueller, Music Teacher - Winton Elementary

    Julie Leonard, Special Education Math - Woodland Middle School

    Kirsten Pomerantz, English Teacher - Lake City High School


    Jenee Weirick, Health Occupations Instructor - KTEC

    Annette Brennan, Science Teacher - Lakes Magnet Middle School

    Kristen Kroetch, 5th Grade Teacher - Bryan Elementary


    Jennifer LaBau, 1st Grade Teacher - Skyway Elementary School

    Nicole Roth, 6th Grade Teacher - Canfield Middle School

    Angela Beck, Family & Consumer Teacher - Venture High School