College & Career Preparedness

  • Xello is an online career exploration and planning tool available to Coeur d'Alene Public School students starting in middle school. Activities within Xello are integrated into the curriculum, but we encourage students to continue exploration at home with family members and to discuss results.

    Using Xello, students discover how their strengths and interests align with careers that inspire them. Then they build the academic plan to get them there. Students will more clearly understand how the school coursework they do today impacts the life they live beyond graduation.  Our hope is that this tool will be utilized by all secondary students in our district.

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    Students complete activities twice each year in grades 08-12 that research, personalize, and prepare for their future goals.

    Matchmaker - A career interest inventory to determine jobs that might be a good fit
    Ability Profiler - See how your abilities compare to careers you are interested in - COMING SOON
    Learning Styles - An assessment that teaches you the best ways to learn and study

    Search for any number of careers you might be interested in based on subjects you like in school, clusters of careers that you find intriguing, or different industries that you would like to learn more about.

    Search for universities, colleges, and trade schools based on geographic location. You can also select a specific major(s) and find which schools offer that program of study. Not sure where to start? Complete the School Selector which allows you to put in a diverse array of criteria to find the school for you!

    Financial Aid
    Complete the financial aid selector to find financial aid programs that you may be eligible for. You can also search for scholarships based on keywords and learn more about federal financial aid.

    Learn how to search for work, write a resume, complete a letter of interest, prepare for job interviews, and other key topics to help you get the job you want! More local connections for job shadows coming soon!

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