Student Access to iReady

  • The Coeur d’Alene School District provides i-Ready to students to build student confidence in reading and mathematics. For some students, the building has granted an instructional license so that personalized lessons can be delivered through the Internet.

    There are two ways to access these lessons, through a Google ID (district email address) or via student passcode:


    • If using Chrome, add a profile for your student in the upper-right corner.
    • In the Chrome setup box, use your student’s full email address: Last two digits of graduation year + first initial + full last name (e.g. 17mnelson) and (e.g. The password is Pwxxxxxx where x is the student’s 6-digit student ID (e.g. Pw123456). [This can be located in the student profile of Skyward Family/Student access.]
    • Once established (or if using another browser), click on the link on the district website,
    • Choose For Parents/Students > Online Resources (linked at each school Webpage)
    • Choose i-Ready under the mathematics header.
    • If using Google Chrome, you will be linked through Clever to our selection of district apps.  If not, you will be asked to log-in using the information in section A.
    • Click on i-Ready.

    If your student was provided a username and password from their teacher or a member of the support staff, they can log-in this way:

    • Navigate to
    • Enter provided username and password (case sensitive)
    • Choose “Idaho” from the drop-down
    • Click “Go.”

    Your student may see lots of options once in i-Ready:

    • Start Test – your student will take a comprehensive diagnostic assessment (approximately 45 minutes) measuring strengths and weaknesses in each of the domains of reading and/or mathematics
    • Start Growth Check – your student will take a small test to measure how far they have grown (~90 days) since their last diagnostic assessment. Please note that tests cannot be taken outside the school day.
    • Start Lessons – your student will be delivered activities based on their level of needs based on their last diagnostic or growth check. Each lesson will be around 20 minutes in length and 45 minutes a week is recommended for the greatest growth potential.