• Hi, my name is Jennifer Behl. This is my 4th year teaching here at Atlas. I LOVE Kindergarten!  There is something magical about being a part of a childs first experience on their educational journey. I truly believe that learning is a life-long event and this first year will set the tone for the rest of their school years. We learn how to go to school this year. This includes, feeling comfortable in school, how to be a friend, how to follow rules and routines, as well as the basic skills needed to read, write, and do math. 

    Some of the things we will learn this year will be to:

    • Recognize and form uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
    • Match sounds to each alphabet letter.
    • Recognize and use rhyming words.
    • Begin reading words by using initial consonant sounds and such sound patterns as -an and -at (fan, man, can) and (sat, rat, pat).
    • Recognize a few frequently used sight words such as: the, and, is.
    • Capitalize the first and last name of a person and the word "I".
    • Count, recognize, and write the numbers up to 20.
    • Do addition and subtraction within 5.
    • Identify, draw, cut, and name squares, circles, triangles, ovals, diamonds, and rectangles.
    • Classify and group objects according to such characteristics as shape, color, size, texture, and so on.
    • Understand how people in communities work together.

    Please remember that you are an extension of our classroom. Your envolvement is so important. You are always welcome to join us in celebrating our learning. I look forward to getting to know you and your child. :)

    Ms. Behl

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